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Mazamo team coaching

What is Team Coaching?

Team coaching applies the principles of coaching an individual to coaching a team as a whole unit.

Team coaching helps teams identify and deal with the challenges they are facing. A typical challenge is conflict within the team. It enables the team members to reflect on their own performance, the team’s performance and also how they fit into the 'big picture' within their organisation.

Coaching can assist a team to work more productively together to achieve a common goal. It can help identify and use the differing strengths within a team to enhance the team’s effectiveness.

Mazamo team coaching

Who is team coaching for?

Team coaching benefits all types of teams within organisations and businesses. These include:

  • Executive teams - the team at the very top who have day to day management responsibility the company or organisation
  • Functional teams – which have people with the same functional expertise within an organisation who work towards similar shared objectives
  • Cross-functional teams - which have members from different areas of the organisation and who have different skill sets.

Functional and cross-functional teams can also be:

  • Project teams – with members brought together for a specific time limited objective or
  • Research teams – which are made up of team members who may have different subject disciplines and / or backgrounds.

We are particularly keen to work with research teams in R&D, technology and manufacturing companies or university research teams who have members from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds.

Mazamo team coaching

the Mazamo team coaching approach

The team coaching process allows the team to:

  • define and own their particular challenges
  • develop a plan to address these challenges and
  • action on the plan whilst being held accountable.

Mazamo’s team coaching work is based on the Barefoot ‘PRACTICED’ Team Coaching Structure. All sessions are usually at the client’s location or a location to suit them.

A team coach (or two team coaches) will guide the whole team through the process in a series of sessions. The sessions are customised according to the needs expressed by the client.

Mazamo team coaching

Benefits of team coaching

In addition to working through specific team challenges, the team coaching process can help a team to:

  • Focus on its priorities and gaining clarity on what it is there to achieve
  • Increase its performance and deliver on its objectives
  • Enhance its effectiveness and improve team processes
  • Deal with conflict within it and also with other teams
  • Increase its reputation within its sphere of influence and
  • Work with change more effectively and become more resilient.

It can assist team members to:

  • Learn more about their own behaviours, team dynamics and culture
  • Better communicate with each other, other teams and with its stakeholders
  • Integrate new members into the team more effectively
  • Develop skills to increase their performance
  • Use their strengths to benefit the team and the organisation and
  • Collaborate more effectively and produce stronger relationships

Mazamo team coaching

mazamo Team Coaching products

  • A three to six session team-coaching programme customised to meet the specific needs of the team.
  • Customised 360-degree feedback questionnaires are offered.
  • Strengths and conflict style inventory profiling can also be introduced.

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