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Mazamo Leadership Coaching

What is leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching assists anyone, who has influence over others, to improve their performance in their work life. This is done through working through a set of agreed goals with a coach who facilitates learning for the client.

It is a collaborative partnership. The aim of the collaboration is to bring about sustained behavioural change and transform the quality of the leader’s life. 

Mazamo Leadership Coaching

Who is leadership coaching for?

Leadership coaching is for anyone who manages or is responsible for a group of people or is aspiring to be a leader. This can be a:

  • Senior executive such as a CEO or Director 
  • Manager, supervisor or team leader 
  • Business owner / entrepreneur 
  • Aspiring or new leader of people 

Mazamo Leadership Coaching

The Mazamo Leadership Coaching Approach

The coaching is forward focused to deliver results and is typically in three stages: the 'chemistry' stage, the main coaching sessions and the final session and evaluation.

The initial 'chemistry' work is aimed at building a rapport and clarifying the goal of the client. At the final session, plans are also made to make any changes in behaviour sustainable.

The number of main coaching sessions is normally between three and nine. The time in between sessions allows the client to reflect, learn and practice any changes in behaviour and to take action as necessary.

The stages and the number of sessions are designed and customised to meet the need of the client. The session plans are also flexible and the coach is ready to adapt the session depending on what the client wants.

Mazamo Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching can be used to:

  • learn about your leadership style and enhance your leadership qualities
  • increase your self-confidence and assertiveness as a leader
  • develop your leadership mindset as an existing, new or aspiring leader
  • attain better work / life balance to increase your well-being
  • understand more about conflict and deal with it effectively in the workplace
  • improve your influencing skills to be more effective with your stakeholders
  • plan strategic changes and minimise disruption to your organisation
  • make quicker & better decisions to improve the flow of your projects
  • advance your time management skills and help you focus
  • boost your presentation skills so that you can pitch more effectively
  • recognise the achievements your staff more visibly to increase morale
  • identify staff development opportunities and implement development plans
  • assist in succession planning so that you can cope with team changes
  • create your first 100-day strategic plan in a new role.

Mazamo Leadership Coaching

leadership coaching BENEFITS for individualS

Through coaching, leaders become more self-aware and develop their leadership skills so that they are better able to:

  • establish highly productive teams with members from different disciplines and backgrounds
  • handle and manage change
  • cope with finite resources 
  • flourish in a highly uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment
  • influence their key stakeholders and have a better impact and / or
  • deal with stress, improve well-being and obtain a better work-life balance.

Leadership coaching benefits for organisations

Mazamo Coaching believes in systemic leadership coaching which is designed to bring about more effective organisations. As leaders increase their performance from coaching, these benefits should cascade down and contribute to the overall performance of the organisation.

Leadership coaching benefits the organisation as it can:

  • reduce staff turnover and keep your leaders motivated
  • increase the performance of your staff and of the organisation
  • improve interactions between your teams and departments
  • create a better organisational culture and a positive work environment
  • enhance staff morale which will impact on productivity and / or
  • show commitment to employees and their development.

Mazamo Leadership Coaching

Mazamo Leadership Coaching Products

  • A six to twelve session coaching programme customised to meet the specific needs of the client over a specified timeframe.
  • Customised 360-degree feedback questionnaires, strengths and conflict style inventory profiling are offered.
  • An intensive one-day programme ideal for a new leader looking at producing a 100-day plan or a leader looking to improve their game over a short time period. A follow up 90-minute session is also included.

Email and phone support is given for all the packages. 

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