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Mazamo facilitating

What does a facilitator do?

A facilitator will assist you when you want to:

  • Clarify challenges, solve problems and make decisions together in a group
  • Improve meeting or team effectiveness and deal with group dynamics
  • Create plans that are agreed by consensus
  • Get commitment for action by the participants and
  • Have an independent person to guide a group

Mazamo Facilitators uses

Mazamo Facilitators can save you time and money with their process and group management skills and can be used in, for example:

  • Engagement meetings: to gain staff or stakeholder input on projects
  • Conference workshops: as a guide to enable participant discussions
  • Focus groups: to get responses on a specific topic
  • Strategic planning: to generate a way forward and commitment
  • Issue resolution: to solve a problem and gain agreement
  • Team meetings: to improve meeting performance and effectiveness

Who is facilitating for?

Mazamo offers bespoke facilitation services for all types of organisations including:

  • Universities, research institutes and research funders
  • Companies in any sectors, both large and small
  • Learned academies and professional bodies
  • Schools and colleges
  • Charities
  • Government departments and public sector bodies.

Mazamo facilitating

Mazamo facilitating expertise

Mazamo offers services to facilitate groups, meetings and workshops.

Key areas of knowledge and expertise where content knowledge is appropriate include:

  • Producing science policy and programmes in energy, health, water and food
  • Building programmes for professional bodies in professional development, in working with small companies and in regulation and
  • Running higher education policy and programmes in the STEM field.

Our approach is to work on any facilitating project where using process to plan and guide a group or groups to ensure action is key. Content knowledge is not essential.

The Mazamo Facilitating Approach

Mazamo uses a three-step process and works closely with the client customizing the session to meet the objectives of the meeting.

1 - Design and plan – Mazamo will consult with the client before the meeting to get background, to clarify the objectives and the desired outcomes of the group and gain to agreement on the way forward. We will then formulate a plan for the session(s) based on the time available, the space layout and the participants expected.

2 - Guide and manage – Mazamo will facilitate the group to ensure there is good engagement in the content and effective participation. Any live issues and difficult group dynamics will be handled thoughtfully whilst keeping the energy and pace of the group flowing. Mazamo will make sure the group remains on track with its goals.

3 - Focus and close – Mazamo will ensure all contributions are considered in the ideas or solutions that emerge. We will aid consensus building and decision-making and make sure that outcomes, actions and questions are properly recorded. We will get agreement from the group on how actions are appropriately dealt with afterwards.

Mazamo facilitating

Benefits of using a facilitator

A facilitator will enable the group to:

  • Use their expertise to achieve the results they seek in the time available
  • Participate fully in any discussion allowing all members of the group the chance to express their views
  • Move towards their desired outcome more efficiently whilst allowing a flexible approach, based on the outputs expressed in the session(s)
  • Handle disruptive behaviour in a professional manner and
  • Take accountability for the outcomes and actions agreed.

Mazamo Facilitation Services

Facilitation is offered for:

  • Technical workshops
  • Policy related consultations
  • Conference discussions 
  • Breakout sessions
  • Brainstorming
  • Roadmapping work
  • Setting vision and direction
  • Strategy formulation
  • Producing plans of action
  • Team building
  • Management of projects
  • Crisis meetings.

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