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What are Mazamo courses?

Mazamo professional development courses and workshops for the workplace are designed to be in-house courses.

Mazamo can help your people to develop critical skills that will improve organisational and personal performance in the work place. We can create, prepare and deliver bespoke courses and workshops to suit the needs of your organisation. 

Mazamo courses

Who are Mazamo courses for?

The professional development courses are aimed at those within companies and organisations who have little experience in the chosen topic and would like to gain more knowledge so that they can improve their skills, their effectiveness and be more productive. 

The Mazamo approach to professional development courses

The courses are designed to be as interactive as possible and are flexible in content to make sure they cover topics and include sessions that are specific to the organisation’s needs. They can be flexible in length depending on the depth and breadth of knowledge required. Typically they are 1-2 day courses.

Mazamo courses

Benefits of professional development courses

Running in-house courses is a cost-effective way of developing knowledge and skills of employees. With the option of additional coaching for specific events or projects you will see quick gains in the effectiveness of your teams, leading to increased productivity.

Additional coaching packages

To further cement learning, Mazamo offers two 'one to one' coaching sessions on the chosen topic for everyone who attends. This would be for two 90-minute sessions for each participant focused on a specific project or need of the client.  Most people attend courses and then go back to the day job without trying out their newly acquired knowledge and skills. This would be a useful way of practicing what has been learnt in addition to having specific coaching support on the particular course topic.

Mazamo course products

  • One or two day in-house courses
  • Additional two session coaching packages offered to all participants on the courses
  • Further bespoke coaching packages for discussion.

Mazamo courses

Courses offered

These include:

  • Facilitating skills
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Service orientation
  • Presentation skills
  • Complex problem solving
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Critical thinking

Online courses will also be offered in 2017.

Mazamo courses

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