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Mazamo offers consulting

We manage short to medium term projects, teams and programmes where there is insufficient resource or expertise in-house or the project requires a knowledgeable but independent perspective.

Mazamo works collaboratively with an experienced team of associates who are able to deliver additional specialist services when required. 

These are as follows:

Management Services

Management services for short-, medium- or long-term projects and programmes are available through Mazamo. Clients will be able to access management at times when they do not have adequate resource in-house to continue with a vital project or to start a new one which is needed to fulfill their strategic aims. There is specific experience available to manage projects and teams during times of transition within an organisation and also when new thinking is needed to meet objectives.

Human Resources Consulting

Learning and Development is a core area for Mazamo Consulting and Coaching.  We are keen to assist small and medium sized businesses, public and not-for-profit sector organisations with: recruitment and retention, professional development and management development.

Relationship management

Mazamo will provide expertise and advice in identifying the types of relationships needed and acting as an ambassador for an enterprise or organisation to establish relationships with these partners, customers or suppliers.

Event management

Mazamo will manage an event from concept, selection and organisation of speakers, right the way through to managing delegate expectations after the event. We can run in-house events or events requiring venue hire. Mazamo has several years of experience in organising and running in conferences and seminars and is also able to run learning and development focused events for clients.

Uncertainty management

Mazamo (in association with SRL Consulting) has the capability to offer services to enterprises to help them make better-informed decisions on managing their exposure to risk in today's highly volatile and uncertain business environment. 

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