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Mazamo Career coaching

what is Career coaching?

We follow the Mazamo 5-step career coaching model that helps you to:

  • Assess whether your personal needs are being met and identify what you really want from your career
  • Become more self-aware and appreciate the skills and experience that you have accumulated
  • Connect with and set your goals so you can control your own career
  • Develop a career plan to achieve your career goals
  • Enact your plan through realising the opportunities you have.

Career coaching can support you through any of the above and in whatever combination. 

Mazamo Career coaching

Who is career coaching for?

Career coaching is for anyone who is embarking on a career transition and it will help you if you are seeking:

  • to establish your career goals
  • promotion or to apply for a new job
  • skills development to further your career
  • a career change
  • career support whilst going through a life changing experience
  • a move into a new role following redundancy

It may be that you want to progress within your organisation via a promotion or by taking on bigger responsibilities. You may want to develop a new set of skills so that you can be more effective. You may want to change your career path or work for another organisation. You may want to develop a career plan following a life-changing event.

Mazamo Coaching offers career coaching and outplacement services with a trained coach who is highly experienced. We have worked with executives to those who have just started their career and we partner with individuals as well as organisations.

Mazamo Career coaching

The Mazamo Career Coaching Approach

The coaching process will cover: the chemistry session to define what the client wants to achieve and to understand where they are now in relation to their goal; the main sessions and lastly; an evaluation session where progress is recognised and valued.

Career coaching services are personalised to meet your needs. They can range from a one-day intensive session to a number of sessions over two to three months. The sessions can be face-to-face at a convenient location, by phone or online at a time to suit you. In between the face-to-face sessions, there is email and phone support.

Topics that may be covered include:

Exploring your skills and achievements

This is done to make you better aware of the skills you possess and the many things you have achieved that would be interesting to potential employers. Career coaching will challenge your thinking so that you can produce a ready-made list of skills and achievements for your CV.

Mazamo Career Coaching

Career planning

If you don't have a career plan, you can go from day to day focusing on your challenges on the job without focusing on what you really want from your job, your company and your career. Sometimes it is worth taking a step back to be taken out of your day-to-day environment so that you can focus on your future. A career coach will help you to figure out your career goals and to help you construct a realistic plan to achieve them.

Mazamo Career coaching

Skills development

There are often skills development needs too that a coach can work with you on that will help you progress in your career. You may, for example, want to improve your presentation skills for an important forthcoming meeting, or be better able to use influencing skills to enhance your reputation within your existing network.

Issues that are holding you back

A career coach can help you work out issues that might be blocking you from realising your potential within your career. A career coach can help you remove these blocks if you are willing to make the changes needed.

Making the right choice

There are many reasons why you might be thinking of making a career change, whether that is changing companies or following a new career path. A career coach, will help you establish the underlying causes of your thinking and enable you to explore all the options whether that is within or outside of your company.

Mazamo Career coaching

Support for CV development and covering letter writing

Whether you are looking for a part-time work, coming back from a career break or looking to change your career path, a career coach will support you in developing a CV and covering letter to give you every chance to achieve your required goal of getting you an interview.

Mazamo Career coaching

Interview coaching 

For interviewers - get practical skills to improve your interviewing skills to help you find out if a prospective candidate will fit into your company. Learn how to ask the right questions.

For interviewees - boost your chances of success at interview by learning how to prepare for and be confident within an interview environment.

New Job Coaching

A career coach can help you to adapt to the culture of your new company, to work out whom to build productive relationships with and how to make a good impact with your manager and team.

Career transition support

Transitioning back to work after, for example, maternity leave, can be difficult especially when you might feel out of control of your career during your time away.

A career coach will help you think through what you may need for a successful transition back to work. We help people to:

  • plan and manage a handover prior to leave
  • prepare to return to work and hit the ground running during leave
  • develop the leadership skills needed during their return to prioritise effectively, work smartly and influence as needed.

Mazamo Career coaching

Benefits of career coaching

A career coach can help you to:

  • Find your ideal career path
  • Explore issues in your work life that are having a negative impact on you
  • Identify and overcome obstacles that hold you back
  • Change negative thought and behaviour patterns
  • Optimise the way you use your skills, attributes and experiences
  • Increase your confidence with interviews
  • Produce a CV that will highlight your strengths and experience
  • Use your network to identify job vacancies and
  • Put together a set of attainable goals and a plan of action.

Mazamo Career coaching

Mazamo Career Coaching Products

  • The Mazamo Two Page Career Plan Programme
  • Outplacement Support for Companies
  • New Job Coaching Programme
  • Change of Career Direction Programme
  • Skills Development Coaching for STEM Professionals
  • CV Development and Interview Coaching
  • Career Transition Coaching Programme
  • The Mazamo Group Career Coaching Programme for first and second jobbers (coming in 2017).

Other Mazamo career services include:

  • Career transition workshops for those facing life changing events
  • In-house career surgeries for staff being made redundant
  • Skills development workshops for teams.

Mazamo Career coaching

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