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Leadership coaching

Mazamo Leadership coaching

Are you a great manager but want to improve your leadership qualities? Leaders often don’t let anyone help them deal with their challenges. We use our experience and knowledge of leading high performing teams to assist you in improving your performance, your effectiveness and ultimately the quality of your life.

Mazamo coaching gives leaders time to think and learn, helps them make progress in overcoming their challenge and aims to bring about sustainable change in their behaviour. 

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Team coaching

Mazamo team coaching

Are behaviours within your team limiting their productivity? When professionals work together in teams, it is not uncommon for them to experience difficulties in working together. This can be especially prevalent in teams made up of members with differing functions, disciplines and backgrounds.

Our great passion is developing leaders and teams to collaborate more effectively and achieve their desired goals. We help clients, to connect with, and to get the best out of, their teams. 

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Career coaching

Mazamo career coaching

Are you going through a difficult career phase or a career change and need support?

Personalised to meet your requirements, Mazamo coaching will help you to: review your options; put together a plan of action; and optimise the way you use your skills, attributes and experience to achieve your goal.

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Personal coaching

Are you looking to improve focus or confidence in a particular area of your life or just want to achieve a better work life balance? People often use a coach to help them make changes in their lives that they find too difficult to deal with.

Mazamo coaching will empower a client to set and reach personal goals, make decisions and deal with challenges.

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Mazamo facilitating

Do you not have time to run a workshop or focus group? Would you like to get an independent, expert facilitator to generate decisions and commitment from a diverse group who may be conflicted?

We can help and use our process and group management skills to: gain staff or stakeholder input on projects; guide participant discussions; and generate a way forward with commitment from all parties.

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Mazamo courses

Mazamo can help your people to develop critical skills that will improve organisational and personal performance in the work place.

We can create, prepare and deliver bespoke in-house courses and workshops to suit the needs of your organisation. We are currently offering a course on facilitation skills.

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